Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 20, 2007

Who Takes Her Computer on Vacation?

I’m getting ready to go for our (usually) annual vacation on the Maine coast. M., who I meet at 8 a.m most mornings to walk our dogs and get our heads in place, asked if I wrote on vacation.

I explained that first of all, even without whiny and a.m.-enthusaistic dogs around, I’m usually the first up in the morning, so there are hours before anyone thinks of the beach or moving beyond the porch. Maybe I’m a little superstitious about bringing a project to a long halt – would I be able to begin again? Would I get addicted to – not struggling? Would my characters pack up and leave?
So there’s the fear, always a motivator, but beyond that, I’ve found that I can tell myself – you don’t have to do this – but thoughts start to come, and I pick up a pen. It is nice to write at a place that’s not my kitchen table, and it’s especially wonderful to write with a view of water, such as we’ll have. When I’m stuck, I get to gaze at blue or gray. The bonus is that when I revise, I can remember salt on the buckling (humidity!) pages. I’ll look at lines and recall where I wrote them, and it brings a sense of vacation into revising, when I’m often tense and cranky.

I’m packing linens, bathing suits, sun hats, bug repellant, chips and salsa, too many books (including the hefty Linda Lear biography of Beatrix Potter – I just saw Miss Potter on dvd, which I liked quite a bit, despite, or because of, its romantic take) and my work in progress. My daughter and I are bound to go into some wireless withdrawal, so hopefully at some point I’ll write from Panera Bread in Portsmouth, NH!
Have a great rest of July!



  1. Enjoy your vacation, Jeannine!

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