Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 13, 2007

Short but Sweet Messages to our Brains

Did someone say balance?

The word makes my stomach knot, I want to shrink away (failed!) though I try to achieve the state. I think most of us try, and feel we’re rotten at meeting all the different calls. It’s hard when nobody with a big voice is calling for our writing, not as relentlessly, at least, as our kids or bosses with regular paychecks demand out attention.

Sometimes I feel I need a lot of time and quiet to hear my own mind. Silence is welcome, but the truth is, some of the best ideas have surfaced during crowded noisy moments, dashing from here to there. Sometimes I have to tell those ideas to wait. For me what’s key is giving myself at least some time each day, no matter how small, at the computer or with a notepad. I love hearing about the 200 words a day club. What a wonderful message to send to your creative mind, that you are honoring your process no matter what. I think the daily habit, more than the amount of time put in each day, is what’s crucial to a balance of being kind to ourselves and a bit demanding. You’re showing up for your imagination every day, so the lovely sometimes fickle part of us won’t tire of the us-with-practical-demands and wander off.


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