Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 4, 2007

Slipping back from a Goal

Steps in the Writing Process

I’ve got my writer’s group deadline coming up, and if I don’t meet it, since our group meets less often in summer, I’ll be on my own with my work for quite a while. I’ve been working steadily, but a few errands have been piling up: a book ordered waiting for me a the library and, oh, groceries. Yesterday was the day I drove beyond the post office, and in the car I remembered that magic of how often after keeping your nose low to your work, thoughts may stir behind the steering wheel. Walking across the UMass campus, where I had another book to pick up, more ideas came. I sat on a bench to jot them down. The grocery store is usually a wash, but the motion of walking or driving between places, or just taking a break from my table on the porch, stirred up paths my characters might go down.

Of course I wanted to clean up what I had. I wasn’t looking for any new paths or pararagraphs or angles to look at anyone. But they felt like gifts. Now I have even more work than ever, but along with my determination to get something finished-enough done this week, is a feeling that’s more open, like the sky, instead of the ceiling above my computer. My work is farther from being done, but it’s better.

Have a happy Fourth of July! I’m looking forward to chatting with friends and seeing what happens in the sky when I float on my back in a Goshen lake.



  1. I love hearing about your writing journey, Jeannine! Good luck reaching your goal for your writing group!
    And enjoy the lake!

  2. Jo, you are soooo supportive! Thank you again for your kind words.
    And I will enjoy the lake and have actually convinced my husband to go along. I’m trying, at this late date, to get him to be more social and it’s kind of working. With Em off before long he has to know there are others in the world, much as we’re going to miss her.
    Looks like another fantastic July day!

  3. what a lovely post—so true, inspiration is everywhere. have fun. =9

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