Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 2, 2007

Beginning and Revising on the Same Day

More Steps of the Writing Process

When I talk about writing in schools, I’ve got an orderly list of things that may happen. When I write at home, there is no list, or everything goes haphazard. Right now I’m working on the end of a revision for my four-person writing group (then there will be another revision, then, hopefully, post-editor revisions). I love the first slashing stage of revisions, but now I’m up close and petty and it makes my belly and shoulders tight. Not really how I want to spend a good summer day, but there is the wonder of writing group deadlines. I will, not cause they’d lash me, but, we’d all feel a bit disappointed to postpone. It’s avoidance of sad looks.

To make up for the shoulders-bent state of revising, I’m giving myself a few daydreamy hours to jot messy messy notes for an upcoming chapter book. These characters can say anything they want! They can say stupid things, out of character things; they can leap through time and space because later, I can cut paragraphs and pages. Meanwhile all that outrageous leaping about might lead to a revelation.

I love this stage, though I’ll get to a point when I know the characters well enough to want to share them. At that point, A LOT of tidying up is in order. But it never does to worry about what’s up ahead.



  1. Welcome to LJ, Jeannine! I found you through Jo. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Jenny. Yes, Jo is the best. I love your image — Van Gogh, or am I dumb? I read through some of your posts and your projects sound fantastic!

  3. I love this Jeannine! What you say about new projects is really helpful, as I’m in the same place right now. Thanks for sharing your process!

  4. Jo sent me here.
    Welcome to Planet LJ. 🙂

  5. Hi Jeannine! So glad to have you in the LJ neighrborhood – Jo pointed me here. I’ve friended you. 🙂

  6. Welcome to LJ land! Thanks for the sweet note! 🙂

  7. Welcome! Any friend of Jo’s is a friend of mine.

  8. Thank you!!!

  9. Jo is the best! Thanks for the welcome!

  10. Thank you!

  11. Lisa, thank you so much! I friended you, too!

  12. welcome to lj!!

  13. Hi Jeannine! I also found you through Jo. Welcome to LJ. :-0

  14. Thanks! I love your sea image!

  15. Yes, it was kind of Jo to give me a public welcome. I like your bug-eyed bug, Marybeth. Congratulations on your upcoming books — how exciting! I added you as a friend.

  16. ah, shucks, thanks. it’s the name of my novel. =9

  17. oh, i added you too! frienda jo’s is a frienda mine!

  18. Thank you! Yes, it’s Van Gogh. We saw his paintings when we were in Paris a few years ago, and they made me cry.

  19. Maybe I should clarify before I sound unhinged — they were so *lovely* they made me cry. I’d seen the prints, but it didn’t prepare me for the beauty of the paintings!

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