Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 30, 2007

Getting my Feet Wet

How many times have I nagged my daughter to write thank you letters? To pick
up her clothes? Yes, about as many times as I’ve told people I’m going to start a blog. I have fear of starting, fear of technology, and a bad habit of waiting for the right moment, the really profound thing to say. Rare as Cinderella’s ball. So here I am, before I become the very last blogger on earth, stumbling in, hoping to write some about what happens behind the pages that get to print, and to make and keep a few friends. It’s a shy moment, this waving of hands – I’m here! – when I sort of want to duck. I rely on the kindness of strangers and tell myself it’s okay if it’s just me talking to myself. That’s what a lot of writing is.
I decided to blog on Live Journal because some of the best writers, and best people, I know, write here. I don’t have any kind of platform, but expect to go with what’s ephemeral and just discuss the joys, muddle, and hazards of writing, drawing from history, in particular, and the pleasures of reading and teaching. The challenge is to write without revising, at least wildly. To make blogging part of an easy-going summer routine.



  1. Welcome!
    Hi Jeannine. You did it, I see. I’ve friended you, and I’m looking forward to keeping up with your writing. Best of luck!
    P.S. If I waited until I had something profound to say, I’d never post. 😉

  2. Re: Welcome!
    Thanks, Jill. Good advice re stop waiting for the profound. Years have been lost in that wait, for me.

  3. Yay Jeannine!!!!
    I’m so happy that you’re here.

  4. Thanks for your famous and ever-so-sweet encouragment!

  5. Hi, waving back. My name is Garret. I currently write YA novels — I love the description on your web page of revision. This summer my whole life is about revising. Blogging is weird — I just started in March or so and it’s harder, in some ways, than a novel. I found you via Jo. Look forward to your posts.

  6. Hi, Garret, thank you for the wave. I thought, uh, how many Garrets can there be, and went to your page, then to my room, and pulled STAY WITH ME off my shelf. It is a wonderful novel, really rich and rife with adolescent uncertainty. I hope blogging isn’t harder than a novel! I think at this point my fear is getting sucked into its distraction. For me the trick might be to write from the top of my head, don’t look back, and then .. just..stop.
    All best to you!

  7. Thank you. That is so kind! And I think your road map to blogging sounds good — I can almost never pass the hurdle of who cares? But it is fun to check in with other people. Enjoy.

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